Recycled paper is widely used as a secondary raw material. Initially, it was mainly used in the manufacture of toilet paper and corrugated cardboard, and since the 1990s newsprint has also been used for the production of newsprint.

Recovery and recycling rates for other industries boxes

In 2014, 2139.7 thousand PLN was used in Poland. Tonnes of recovered paper as a secondary raw material, reaching 46.5% of the recovery rate for this waste, while the recycling rate was 45%. In Europe, the recycling rate for recovered paper in the same year was 71.7%.

Classification of waste paper

The classification of recovered paper is applied in Poland based on the European list of types and varieties of this raw material. According to this classification, recovered paper is divided into four grades and within types into 54 pushing other industries boxes

  1. Type A – these are the so-called. weak varieties. These include 12 types of recycled paper with symbols A1 to A12, which are predominantly mixed paper and cardboard.
  2. Type B – it is called the so-called „type B”. recovered paper. Includes 15 types of waste paper with symbols B1 to B15, such as newspapers, books and illustrated magazines.
  3. Type C – there are 19 varieties of this type of waste paper, which are defined by the symbols C1 to C19, such as felling and waste of white and wood-free paper products and preparations, white paper files and printing felling.
  4. Type D is a strong recovered paper. Includes 6 varieties of this raw material identified by the symbols D1 to D6, mainly sacks, corrugated cardboard, cuttings and waste paper and cardboard. kraft (sulphate).

This classification is difficult to apply in practice due to the lack of precise criteria and excessive separation of waste paper.


Recycled waste paper

Recycled paper is often divided into the following types of waste paper:

  • strong waste paper including worn-out bags, corrugated cardboard and preparations of ungreen sulphate pulp,
  • white paper, including products and preparations of bleached fibrous pulp,
  • mixed waste paper consisting of unsortable waste paper,
  • waste paper containing waste paper from waste containers or landfill sites.

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